Making Ijendu Iced Sun Tea

Warmer, drier, and sunny days have finally arrived here in our Philadelphia, PA, metrolpolitan area. As I walk about outside, I hear birds chirping, listen to gentle winds rustling bright green leaves, see cottony clouds scudding across cerulean-blue skies, and observed all kinds of flowers raising their multi-colored blossoms in riotous blooming! :-) All of nature celebrates, and my heart rejoices!

Summer also launches hot and humid days, where you're often seeking the nearest tree or roof edge for shade, or maybe you may dash into an air-conditioned store or library searching for cool relief,  if you're out running errands. You're sweatying and thirsty, You're longing for a tasty, ice cold beverage that will help to quench your thirst and add vital nutrients to your mind and body. Try making SUN TEA!

Did you know that our IJENDU loose tea blend makes fabulous, delicious SUN TEA? Try making a gallon of this great tea for yourself, friends, and family, and see how tasty a cold glass is--either with your favorite sweetener or drink it plain!  Try adding a sprig or two of fresh mint leaves for a different, added fun twist.