My sister, Wanda, who lives in Texas wrote the following commentary pertaining to using and drinking our Imani and Ijendu tea blends! Thank you so much, Wanda, for sharing your priceless thoughts with us!

“I love drinking tea with honey. It’s my go-to comfort beverage! Sometimes, I enjoy having a lemon with my tea, also. I was so happy when I found out that my niece, Aly, and my sister, Helena, made their own tea blends! I wanted to do what I could to help promote and support their tea business. I started drinking their tea when I was going through chemotherapy for multiple myeloma. It’s a rare form of blood cancer, specifically cancer of the plasma component of my blood. Cancer is a horrible disease!

I started drinking Rising Dawn Teas Imani tea blend. This aromatic mixture contains Lemongrass, Hibiscus, and Ginger Root. I like my teas hot, even in the summertime. Therefore, I drink my teas hot throughout the year. After a rough day of chemotherapy, I would make myself a cup of the Imani tea. It was my way of cultivating and feeling normal. With cancer, I didn’t feel normal. I felt like a petrie dish that contained horrible bacteria inside of me, just waiting to multiply and pummel me! Growing and sucking the life out of me... Sometimes, I wondered if other cancer patients felt this way. After four months of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant in 2017 and more maintenance chemotherapy once a month for nine months in 2018, I am now in remission.

I started drinking Ijendu tea, also, during my cancer treatments. This has Wild-foraged Sassafras Bark (contains safrole ) and Leaves, and Organic Birch Bark and Organic Stinging Nettle. I make a pitcher of this for myself and son. If I am lucky, I might get one glass out of it. Lol! My son loves drinking it. I put honey in it while it is still hot and let it cool before I put it in a pitcher. Then I put it inside the fridge to get nice and cold. Yet, as I stated before, I like drinking hot tea better. I love how the liquid heat slides down my throat; since, occasionally, my throat would become sore from the chemo and viral infections. The tea quiets, de-stresses, and relaxes me. It has alleviated my occasional nausea and headaches, too.

One other special person enjoyed my Imani tea, also! His name is Dan, and he was my son’s home health aide for a year during my very difficult cancer treatments. My youngest son lives with various disabilities, and we needed to seek help for him, so that I would be able to concentrate as fully as possible on my treatments and check-ups. Dan was absolutely wonderfully loving and deeply caring to my son and to me, and he became like a fourth son to me! He cooked several meals for me and visited me in the hospital. Dan lives with deafness, and we communicated in two languages, English and ASL (American Sign Language). When Dan expressed interest in tasting some of my Imani tea, I gladly gave some of the dry, loose tea blend to take home with him. He totally loved the taste of the tea! “