Most of the time we write about and discuss tea topics. However, for this post, we decided to do something a little differently in honor of Black History Month. As we stated before, Aly and I, of Rising Dawn Teas, strongly believe in, and acknowledge, the wisdom, beauty, strength, vital history, knowledge, and more of our ancestors! To us, ancestors can be biological, spiritual, genetical, and historical! Bessie Smith, Blues Singer and Musician, was chosen as a representative ancestor. She was a vibrant, gutsy, earthy, and highly talented and electrifying African-American woman and professional musician and singer. I researched and wrote a fictionalized story from a first-person viewpoint about Bessie Smith, which you can find at this Bessie Smith link.

I hope you enjoy reading her story vignette, as much as I enjoyed writing Bessie's story! Every day is ongoing and continuing wondrous, tumultuous, beautiful, rich, living Black History! American history is incomplete without African-American History. Let's keep celebrating Black beauty and Black History is all of it's enriching, dynamic diversity. Moreover, let's fully embrace, love, and respect, ALL the truth in our FULLEST, glorious American History.