Okay, okay, we know we've been a little MIA but it's a for a great reason, we swear. Starting a new business is tough but, guess what?! We just attended our first event! This past Saturday, March 31st, Rising Dawn Teas was a vendor at the first annual Valley Green Holistic Health Fair at the Valley Green Inn. (If you've never been there, check it out! There's food, fun, and beautiful scenery.)

The Fair was from 10am - 4pm, and, wow, was it a great experience! We got to share our passion, or joy, and, of course, our products. For me, it was incredibly gratifying to see people enjoy my creations. We think we have a great product, but it's always nice to see that other people are in agreement! We had a great time giving out samples (brewing 4 gallons of tea is an interesting undertaking), making new friends and new connections, and above all, doing our small part to help heal others! Check out our photo gallery for more shots of the event and head on over to the shop to get your hands on bestsellers, Tshela, Imani, Flossie May, and Kitaka! Until next time, Happy Drinking!

- Alyson