Hello Happy Drinkers!

This week, we're showcasing our new blend, Flossie May. Now, you might notice that the naming convention is a bit different than what we usually aim for, but there's a reason for that. 

Part of the goal of Rising Dawn Teas is to reclaim ancestral knowlege and pay homage to those who struggled and came before us. As an African-American woman, that list is very, very lengthy. On my list? My grandmother.

Flossie May Showell was a force in my early years. Even though she died when I was only 11, I still have wonderful memories of a kind, loving, protective, caring, gentle woman. Thinking of her evokes memories of safety, security, serenity, and peace.

Those are the qualities I've tried to capture in the creation of the Flossie May blend, which is built around lavender. Why lavender? Besides smelling amazing, it brings to mind those childhood feelings and it's what I would want in a cup of tea - something soothing, steady, peaceful and tranquil. 

Historically and medicinally, lavender helps to relieve stress, improve moods, promote restful sleep, and help with anxiety. Sounds a little like a grandmother, doesn't it? I hope you enjoy drinking it as much as I enjoyed making it. And Mom-mom, I hope you're proud of me.

- Alyson