Hello Tea-totalers!

Here in Philadelphia, we've been walloped by back-to-back Nor'easters! Fun, right? White-knuckling down the highway and praying to every known deity (and creating new ones) is definitely my idea of a relaxing time. Who doesn't like the oh-jesus-please-don't-fishtail excitement of driving in a snowstorm? So, what did I do when I finally got home?

The snow meant a lot of indoor time so - tah dah! - I created some new things which will be in the shop soon! Within in the next couple of weeks, we will be offering samplers so that you can try smaller amounts of multiple teas in one pack! We also have a few new blends coming! I've started to work with lavender, which I'm really, really excited about. (Look for the Lavender blog post next week!) It's a really versatile herb, so watch out for some exciting new creations!

Happy Drinking!

- Alyson