Hello there! So, I've been getting some questions/suggestions about using tea bags and I wanted to delve into why we don't. At Rising Dawn Tea, we purposely create all of our teas as loose leaf blends. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

First, we believe that tea drinking is an experience. It's something that is created, savored, and enjoyed. Part of that enjoyment, in my humble opinion, comes from the ritual of making tea. Selecting the perfect blend for that perfect moment in time, choosing your own amounts (1 tablespoon? No, 2 - perhaps it's been a rough day and you need the extra kick.), and creating that perfect cup.

Secondly, loose leaf teas have a more organic feel. As a lover of nature, I feel more connected when I'm working with the actual herbs, and I'd like to be able to share that connection with others. It's relaxing and meditative to ponder the different options, the different combinations, all the possibilities.

Lastly - well, it's just fun! Teas are fun to create and because we blend small batches, we're constantly sampling this and that and loose leaf teas are a much more enjoyable way to have that experience. 

Happy Drinking!