• We Did It!

    We just attended our first event! This past Saturday, March 31st, Rising Dawn Teas was a vendor at the first annual Valley Green Holistic Health Fair at the Valley Green Inn.
  • Love & Lavender

    Those are the qualities I've tried to capture in the creation of the Flossie May blend, which is built around lavender. Why lavender? Besides smelling amazing, it brings to mind those childhood feelings and it's what I would want in a cup of tea - something soothing, steady, peaceful and tranquil.
  • Snow, New Products Coming Soon, and More Snow

    We also have a few new blends coming! I've started to work with lavender, which I'm really, really excited about. (Look for the Lavender blog post next week!) It's a really versatile herb, so watch out for some exciting new creations!
  • She Wore A Raspberry (Leaf) Beret

    Red raspberry leaf is an incredibly useful and versatile herb that makes a great (and great tasting) holistic base for tea.
  • Ginger - Not Just The Color of Prince Harry's Hair

    Hands down, ginger is one of my favorite, favorite spices to use for anything and everything. I put it in soups, on meat, fish, vegetables...and, of course, tea!!
  • Where's The Bag?

    So, I've been getting some questions/suggestions about using tea bags and I wanted to delve into why we don't. At Rising Dawn Tea, we purposely create all of our teas as loose leaf blends. Why? Well, there are several reasons.
  • Hibiscus - More Than Just A Beautiful Flower

    Hisbiscus comes in many colors, but the most common (for medicinal uses) is the red variety. Culturally, it can be found all around the world and has been used for hundreds of years.
  • You Use What In Your Tea?

    Today we'll be talking about Stinging Nettle. What's that, you say? A weed? Sure, but it's also much, much more! (And not all of the varieties "sting".)
  • Welcome!

  • We are now OPEN!

    Welcome to our new business! :-D

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